Political System Reform

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung supports civil society organizations, academic institutions and political parties to achieve a more participatory, representative and effective political system. Particular attention is paid to electoral reform and in developing a more inclusive and accountable political party system. This includes support for initiatives on governance reform both at the local and national levels.

Some Political System Reform projects and programs:

  • Elections Under Repair 3.0, in partnership with the Political Democracy and Reform (PODER) Program of the Ateneo de Manila University – School of Government (ASoG) to highlight the urgent political and electoral reform issues related to the 2013 elections
  • Education of First-Time Voters in partnership with the Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking to raise awareness among young first-time voters on elections and democracy
  • Cutting Edge Global Public Innovations Conference (Upcoming, October 2013) in partnership with Galing Pook to promote knowledge sharing on best practices among local governments
  • Barangay Bayan Governance Consortium in partnership with the Institute of Politics and Governance (IPG) to bring together council leaders and provide platforms for discussion and cooperation

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