Sustainable Economy

Economic growth – as observed in recent years in the Philippines – is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for a sustainable economy. It is unable to answer two critical concerns: how long can this kind of growth be sustained and who actually benefits from it? Thus it is becoming increasingly apparent that the mainstream economic policy discourse in the country still falls short in addressing inclusive and sustainable development.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung supports projects that facilitate progressive discourses on economic development which emphasize social and environmental sustainability. These include focusing on distributional justice and inclusive growth as well as addressing the negative effects of climate change and the challenge of long-term energy security, all of which are important components of an alternative development framework and a modern industrial policy for the Philippines.

FES supports its partners to:

  • Consolidate reform proposals for progressive economic policies and engaging national decision-makers in the economic policy debate; and,
  • Facilitate consensus-building among major progressive interest groups for a comprehensive action plan on energy and climate policies for the Philippines.

Key Areas of Work