Economic Reform

Economic growth has in the recent years relied on remittances influx, foreign direct investments, consumer spending, business process outsourcing, and construction. The economic policy has been focused on the high GDP growth but still fails to extend the benefits of growth to the majority of citizens.

FES supports projects which explore economic reform options with inputs from economists, political experts, policy-makers, and reform advocates from progressive organizations, and identifies components of an alternative industrial policy model along with other economic reform proposals.

Some Economic Reform projects and programs:

  • Publication of a series of Policy Papers on Five Economic Reform Areas and the Freedom of Information Act in partnership with the Action for Economic Reforms (AER) to inform policy-making as well as lobbying and advocacy efforts.
  • Industrial Policy Study (Upcoming 2013) in partnership with the Action for Economic Reforms (AER) which hopes to lay down a sustainable economic policy that is focused on human development and fair economic relations
  • Conduct an Anti-trust Legislation Mapping (Upcoming 2013) in Partnership with IDEALs to assess and contribute to the available bills that promote fair practices and discourage monopolies
  • A study on the political economy of the Philippines (Upcoming 2013) in partnership with Focus in the Global South – Philippine Programm

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