Sustainable Energy and Climate Change

Combating climate change by immediate and drastic emissions reductions and dealing with its existing and future effects represents one of the most urgent challenges for the international community. Crucial to the pressing need to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote a more sustainable economy that takes into account the environment and the ecological consequences of production is the shift towards sustainable and clean energy sources, even for a relatively low carbon-emitting country like the Philippines, .

FES supports dialogues that aim to close the gaps between the different positions and interests among stakeholders of the energy policy and climate debate, as well as between different sectors of the economy. This mainly takes the form of international specialist meetings and expert workshops with the participation of local experts and communities with a view to working out concrete policy recommendations and courses of action.

Some activities related to Sustainable Energy and Climate:

  • Series of Green Conferences in partnership with the Active Citizenship Foundation (ACF) which focuses on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and renewable energy
  • Promoting the establishment of Technical Working Group on Energy and Climate Policy in the Philippines to lead the formulation of green policies that are relevant and suitable for national development