Labor Migration

Labor migration is a reality for many workers in the Philippines in particular and in Southeast Asia in general. FES supports regular platforms for researches and multi-stakeholder dialogues on aspects pertaining to the migration phenomenon. These activities try to find solutions that reconcile the economic, social and human rights dimensions of labor migration.

To complement the national initiatives, FES at the regional level provides support for the dialogue among migration stakeholders, with particular focus on bringing parliamentarians into these conversations. These processes aim to contribute concrete proposals towards building a people-centered and fair migration regime within ASEAN.

Some Labor Migration projects and programs:

  • A project entitled, “Digital Strategies for OFW Information and Education in Partnership with the Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA) to capacitate migrants and migrant advocates’ organizations in the use of modern communication technologies in their work
  • Roundtable discussions with Multi-Sectoral Working Group on Labor Migration Policies to bring together stakeholders in discussions on urgent policy reform issues related to labor migration
  • A publication on the social security for migrants entitled “Social Security for Overseas Filipino Workers in the Top Ten Destination Countries”, (published in 2012)by the Center for Migrant Advocacy