Social Security Reform

As an institution committed to the principles of social democracy, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung considers the role of the state as critical in providing basic necessities and in balancing public and private systems that cover social security. The many and the varied social security systems that are available in the Philippines ought to be thoroughly examined as the starting point of strategic modernization measures and policies. The main focus is directed at public and private systems that govern pensions, health services, and insurance schemes.

Some activities in Social Security Modernization:

  • An exhaustive study on the pension system entitled, “Pensions in the Philippines: Challenges and Ways Forward” (published in 2012) by Prof. Dr. Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Verna Dinah Viajar, and Rolly Czar Joseph Castillo
  • A comprehensive research on the health care system entitled, “Health Care in the Philippines: Challenges and Ways Forward (published in 2013) by Prof. Dr. Oscar Cetrángolo, Prof. Dr. Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Garry Lazaro, and Shenna Kim Carisma
  • Various forums on health-related policies in partnership with the UP Center for Women Studies and the Institute for Politics and Governance