Trade Union Dialogue

Having roots in the labor movement, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung pays particular attention to labor issues. Trade unions and other labor organizations play fundamental roles as agents of democratization and social justice. FES supports the dialogue among private, public and informal sector labor organizations and their dialogue partners in government and the private sector to improve working peoples’ capacities in political participation in global, national and local decision-making.

FES contributes to reform initiatives such as the review of the labor code, and provides venues for a thorough understanding of labor-related themes and issues such as employment, labor contractualization, industrial relations, codes of conduct, the situation of workers in the informal economy as well as concerns of public sector employees.

Some Trade Union Dialogue activities:

  • Publication of the Labor Outlook (Upcoming, 2013) in partnership with the Labor Education and Research Network (LEARN) to provide a comprehensive analysis of the labor situation in the Philippines
  • Multi-Union Conferences in partnership with the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) to provide a platform for thematic dialogue among different union leaders and labor organizations