FES joins Galing Pook in a well-participated Governance Fair

30 August 2015

GP Awarding

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

The Conference on Citizens’ Engagement in Local Governance was conducted as part of the Galing Pook Governance Fair staged for three days at SMX Convention Center and was attended by an estimated 7,000 participants including LGU Chief Executives, local and national legislators, government cabinet members, academe, civil society organizations.

The FES supported conference held on 30 August 2015 centered on the presentation of the top five finalists for Galing Pook’s search for best practices on Citizens’ Engagement in Local Governance. The finalists presented their local governance projects and an open forum followed each presentation giving chances for members of the Galing Pook Citizenship Award Selection Committee and the other participants to clarify details from the presented initiatives.

The conference was aimed at promoting people’s participation in governance through presentation of best practices. This culminated in an awarding ceremony to the three best practices on citizens’ engagement in governance last 1 September 2015. ###