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Bury It Deep: Disposing the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

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Diokno, Maria Teresa // Fortaleza, Wilson // Ong, Ted Aldwin

Pasig City: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung – Philippine Office


The publication revisited the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and the issues surrounding the project to highlight arguments on the real economic and social demands of nuclear-based energy and to help push campaigns for renewable energy options that are more sustainable and affordable. Even with the promise of clean, sustainable sources of electricity through renewable energy, the nuclear option continues to loiter each time the country is beset with power supply issues. The issues surrounding the BNPP, with its history of fraud and fallacious promises of low-cost power and reliability, should be revisited to help push the Philippine government to finally draft, adopt, and implement an energy policy that values clean, affordable, and sustainable sources and processes.

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Crossing Over: The energy transition to renewable electricity

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Verzola, Roberto

Pasig City: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

For the past years, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has been working in the Philippines with local partners, providing platforms for coming up with comprehensive strategies to implement more viable and sustainable energy source alternatives. It is in this light that the Study on the Energy Transition to Renewable Electricity was drafted. The book hopes to provide policy makers and implementers, advocates and activists, academe, industry actors, and the consumers with honest assessments of the Philippines’ energy issues and potentials and identify ways to move forward from the country’s energy dilemmas.